Recommended Online Courses

BioHPC offers a comprehensive calendar of basic and advanced user training . If you would like to learn more about HPC topics at your own pace we recommend the following freely available online training materials.

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Learning the Shell - A quick, free online tutorial on the Linux command line. Reccomended to learn the basics. Also a detailed free PDF book .

Linux Foundation Introduction to Linux - A comprehensive 40-60 hour online course suitable for anyone who would like to learn how to effectively use Linux systems. Over 250,000 people have enrolled on this free course.

UW Coursera Scientific Computing & High Performance Scientific Computing - University of Washington courses covering a wide range of topics in scientific computing, including parallel programming for HPC.

NVIDIA QwikLAB CUDA Courses - Free, interactive introductory courses to CUDA GPU programming in python.

Udacity CUDA Parallel Programming - A free course teaching parallel programming with CUDA, led by a founder of NVIDIA research.