Recommended Online Courses

BioHPC offers a comprehensive calendar of basic and advanced user training. If you would like to learn more about HPC topics at your own pace we recommend the following freely available online training materials.

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Learning the Shell - A quick, free online tutorial on the Linux command line. Reccomended to learn the basics. Also a detailed free PDF book.

Linux Foundation Introduction to Linux - A comprehensive 40-60 hour online course suitable for anyone who would like to learn how to effectively use Linux systems. Over 250,000 people have enrolled on this free course.

UW Coursera Scientific Computing & High Performance Scientific Computing - University of Washington courses covering a wide range of topics in scientific computing, including parallel programming for HPC.

NVIDIA QwikLAB CUDA Courses - Free, interactive introductory courses to CUDA GPU programming in Python.

Udacity CUDA Parallel Programming - A free course teaching parallel programming with CUDA, led by a founder of NVIDIA research.