Brainstorm is a collaborative, open-source application dedicated to the analysis of brain recordings: MEG, EEG, fNIRS, ECoG, depth electrodes and animal invasive neurophysiology.

Brainstorm software is shipped as both a MATLAB module, and a platform-independent executable. On BioHPC, Brainstorm is made available as a MATLAB module.

To start Brainstorm module on BioHPC, you may proceed as follows:

  1. Start an interactive session on BioHPC. Then
  2. In the terminal window, run
    $ module load brainstorm
    $ matlab &
    In the first line, Brainstorm module and its dependencies are loaded. In the second line, MATLAB is executed in the background.
  3. Once MATLAB is loaded, inside MATLAB window execute brainstorm.

Brainstorm software may periodically delete all files specified under the configured 'Temporary Directory' in its setting. This operation is not reversible and BioHPC staff cannot recover the deleted files.


Please take extra care if you choose to modify this setting.

As of this writing, loading the Brainstorm module on BioHPC automatically loads MATLAB 2019/b.

$ module load brainstorm
$ module list

# Example output:
# Currently Loaded Modulefiles:
# 1) shared       3) matlab/2019b
# 2) slurm/16.x   4) brainstorm/200213

If you wish, you may swap the default-loaded MATLAB version with a different version as long as it is compatible with the current Brainstorm module. For example, if you wish to use MATLAB 2018/b, you may proceed as follows

# Swap the unloaded MATLAB module
# This assumes you have already loaded brainstorm module

$ module unload matlab
$ module load matlab/2018b

Please visit Brainstorm's official website for official documentation and tutorials.