BioHPC Training Sessions 2022

BioHPC training sessions are now virtual sessions which take place each Wednesday, at 10:30 am until 12:00 pm via MS Teams.

•   1st Wed of each month -  New user training* [Mandatory for new users]
•   HPC & Computer Science topics
•   Bioinformatics / HPC User Showcase

Have coffee with the BioHPC: During some months we will host Coffee with BioHPC - an informal forum for users to discuss projects or questions with BioHPC staff and others. Coffee and light snacks provided.

*Training is now mandatory for new users. Users applying for a new BioHPC account must attend the new user training session, offered monthly, before receiving full access to BioHPC systems. Prior to the training new users should register for an account online, via Initial access to the BioHPC web portal will be limited, permitting new users to review guides and training materials. After the new user attends the mandatory training, full login and storage access to BioHPC systems will be granted.

Notes during COVID-19: Some training schedule may be different from the training calendar. All training will be online through Microsoft Teams. Please pay attention to the BioHPC training notification, usually send on every Monday, which will include instructions on how to join on Microsoft Teams.  


Date Type Session Name
1/5/2022 Intro Intro to BioHPC
1/12/2022 CS/HPC Linux I
1/19/2022 CS/HPC Linux II
1/26/2022 CS/HPC Linux III
2/2/2022 Intro Intro to BioHPC
2/9/2022 CS/HPC Intro to Python
2/16/2022 CS/HPC SW Install (conda, pip, source)
2/23/2022 Showcase Bioinformatics Astrocyte
3/2/2022 Intro Intro to BioHPC
3/9/2022 CS/HPC Jupyter Notebook
3/16/2022 CS/HPC Datahandling with R
3/23/2022 Showcase Bioinformatics TBD
3/30/2022 Coffee Coffee Session
4/6/2022 Intro Intro to BioHPC
4/13/2022 CS/HPC Intro to Julia
4/20/2022 CS/HPC Dimensionality Reduction
4/27/2022 Showcase Bioinformatics CADD
5/4/2022 Intro Intro to BioHPC
5/11/2022 CS/HPC BioHPC Cloud Storage
5/18/2022 CS/HPC Efficient Storage Solutions: Data Compression and Migration
5/25/2022 Showcase Bioinformatics TBD
6/1/2022 Intro Intro to BioHPC
6/8/2022 CS/HPC Workstations and Thin Client
6/15/2022 CS/HPC Machine Learning Best Practice with R and Caret
6/22/2022 Showcase Bioinformatics Distributed Deep Learning
6/29/2022 Coffee Coffee Session
7/6/2022 Intro Intro to BioHPC
7/13/2022 CS/HPC Git I
7/20/2022 CS/HPC Git II - Container Builder
7/27/2022 CS/HPC Git III - Registry
8/3/2022 Intro Intro to BioHPC
8/10/2022 CS/HPC BioHPC Best Practices
8/17/2022 CS/HPC TBD
8/24/2022 Showcase Bioinformatics Relion
8/31/2022 Coffee Coffee Session
9/7/2022 Intro Intro to BioHPC
9/14/2022 CS/HPC Windows on Demand
9/21/2022 CS/HPC MD Simulation Software
9/28/2022 Showcase Bioinformatics Alphafold
10/5/2022 Intro Intro to BioHPC
10/12/2022 Showcase Bioinformatics Image Processing I
10/19/2022 Showcase Bioinformatics Image Processing II
10/26/2022 Showcase Bioinformatics Image Processing III
11/2/2022 Intro Intro to BioHPC
11/9/2022 CS/HPC Rshiny for Downstream Visualization
11/16/2022 CS/HPC Hardware Performance Optimization
11/23/2022 No training Thanksgiving
11/30/2022 Showcase Bioinformatics CryoEM
12/7/2022 Intro Intro to BioHPC
12/14/2022 Showcase Bioinformatics TBD:Kubernetes
12/21/2022 No training Christmas
12/28/2022 No training Christmas

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