System Status

If you are experiencing a problem accessing BioHPC systems or services please email  providing as much information as possible about the problem.

The job queue on the nucleus cluster can be viewed using the squeue command from any thin-client, workstation or cluster terminal. You can also .

Current Queue Status

Storage Quota & Job Limits

If you are having difficulty logging into a workstation you may be over your storage quota. Default quota for user home directories is 50GB. Check your quotas with the biohpc_quota command.

Cluster usage is restricted to a maximum of 16 nodes per-user at any one time. Any jobs that would take you over the 16 node per-user limit will be held in pending state by an automatic process. These jobs will be released once they can be run with breaking the 16 job limit.


Nucleus Cluster Partitions

Cluster partitions listed below are currently configured and available for job submission.