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Ten Additional Tesla V100 Nodes added to Nucleus

Ten Additional Tesla V100 Nodes added to Nucleus

Ten additional Nvidia Tesla V100 nodes have been added to the Nucleus cluster and can be allocated via the GPUv100s SLURM partition. These nodes are equipped with a single 32GB model of the Nvidia Tesla V100 GPU and will greatly accelerate deep learning applications with its TensorCores. These nodes are also equipped with an Intel ...

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New Nvidia Tesla GPU Nodes Added

New Nvidia Tesla GPU Nodes Added

Due to the high demand for GPU-accelerated applications, the BioHPC has added 32 more GPU nodes to the Nucleus cluster, including 16 Nvidia Tesla P4 nodes, 14 Tesla P40 nodes, and 2 dual Tesla V100 nodes. These new cards have been benchmarked and compared to the Nvidia Tesla P100 GPU BioHPC currently in production.

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