JupyterLab OnDemand now available with multiple kernels

JupyterLab OnDemand now available with multiple kernels

Introducing the new OnDemand JupyterLab service. JupyterLab is the next generation Jupyter Notebook. It provides more powerful IDE that includes all features and benefits of the classical Jupyter Notebook plus more cool features. JupyterLab enables you to use text editors, terminals, data file viewers, and other custom components side by side with notebooks in a tabbed work area.

Using OnDemand JupyterLab, you could now enjoy a full dedicated compute node on our BioHPC cluster for your JupyterLab. You could even reserve GPU node for your JupyterLab. Our JupyterLab comes with multiple kernels: python 3, matlab 2018a, and R 3.3.2. And you could install your own custom environment as well.

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