BioHPC Training Sessions 2018

BioHPC training sessions will take place each Wednesday, at 10:30 am until 12:00 pm in seminar room NL6.125.

•   1st Wed of each month -  New user training* [Mandatory for new users]
•   2nd & 3rd Wed of each month -HPC & Computer Science topics
•   4th Wed of each month - Bioinformatics / HPC User Showcase

5th Wed of Jan/May/Aug/Oct - Have coffee with the BioHPC: On months with a 5th Wednesday we will host Coffee with BioHPC - an informal forum for users to discuss projects or questions with BioHPC staff and others. Coffee and light snacks provided.

*Training is now mandatory for new users. Users applying for a new BioHPC account must attend the new user training session, offered monthly, before receiving full access to BioHPC systems. Prior to the training new users should register for an account online, via . Initial access to the BioHPC web portal will be limited, permitting new users to review guides and training materials. After the new user attends the mandatory training, full login and storage access to BioHPC systems will be granted.

Date Type Session Name
1/3/2018 Intro Introduction to BioHPC
1/10/2018 CS/HPC Linux Command Line Basics
1/17/2018 CS/HPC Introduction to Web-Based Machine Learning with GPUs (DIGITS)
1/24/2018 Showcase BICF The UCSC Genome Browser
1/31/2018 Coffee Coffee with BioHPC
2/7/2018 Intro Introduction to BioHPC
2/14/2018 CS/HPC Visualization Tools on BioHPC
2/21/2018 CS/HPC Git on BioHPC
2/28/2018 Showcase BICF Pathway Analysis
3/7/2018 Intro Introduction to BioHPC
3/14/2018 CS/HPC Monitoring & Troubleshooting Jobs on BioHPC
3/21/2018 CS/HPC Parallel MATLAB on BioHPC
3/28/2018 Showcase HPC N/A
4/4/2018 Intro Introduction to BioHPC
4/11/2018 CS/HPC Interactive Environments & Data Exploration
4/18/2018 CS/HPC Managing Software Projects in a Team
4/25/2018 Showcase BICF Publication Ready Figures (Prism)
5/2/2018 Intro Introduction to BioHPC
5/9/2018 CS/HPC BioHPC Storage, Backup & File Sharing
5/16/2018 CS/HPC Jupyter Notebook On-Demand
5/23/2018 Showcase BICF N/A (Scheduled Downtime)
5/30/2018 Coffee Coffee with BioHPC
6/6/2018 Intro Introduction to BioHPC
6/13/2018 CS/HPC Deploying Environments on BioHPC with Singularity & Docker Containers
6/20/2018 CS/HPC Parallel R/ R on BioHPC
6/27/2018 Showcase BICF RNASeq Workflow
7/4/2018 NO TRAINING - Independence Day  
7/11/2018 Intro Introduction to BioHPC
7/18/2018 CS/HPC Data Security  & Management
7/25/2018 Showcase BICF ChIPSeq Workflow
8/1/2018 Intro Introduction to BioHPC
8/8/2018 CS/HPC Analyzing Results with Shell Scripting & Linux Tools
8/15/2018 CS/HPC N/A
8/22/2018 Coffee Coffee with BioHPC
8/29/2018 Showcase BICF N/A
9/5/2018 Intro Introduction to BioHPC
9/12/2018 CS/HPC Scheduled Downtime
9/19/2018 CS/HPC N/A
9/26/2018 Showcase HPC TCGA Data Exploration and Visualization
10/3/2018 Intro Introduction to BioHPC
10/10/2018 CS/HPC Introduction to Tensorflow for Deep Learning
10/17/2018 CS/HPC Variant Calling Workflow
10/24/2018 Showcase BICF Parallel Python / Python on BioHPC
10/31/2018 Coffee Coffee with BioHPC
11/7/2018 Intro Introduction to BioHPC
11/14/2018 CS/HPC No Training - SC '18
11/21/2018 CS/HPC Image Repositories & Imaging Tools on BioHPC
11/28/2018 Showcase BICF Single Cell RNASeq Analysis
12/5/2018 Intro Introduction to BioHPC
12/12/2018 CS/HPC Future Developments in BioHPC
12/19/2018 Showcase HPC Using the SLURM Job Scheduler
12/26/2018 NO TRAINING - Merry Christmas!  

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